PatreCon 2017

A conference for creators

November 3-4, 2017

PatreCon is an annual 2-day conference held to bring creators from all backgrounds together for an intimate, collaborative, and educational weekend. It is a place for creators to be themselves, together.

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About PatreCon 2017

Launched in 2016, PatreCon was home to 40 creators who came together at our San Francisco headquarters for talks and workshops that educated, connected, and inspired. The conference included talks by Patreon CEO and creator Jack Conte, Chris Ryniak, and James Higa, and workshops by industry leaders and creative professionals.

This year, PatreCon 2017 will take place in Los Angeles on November 3rd and 4th, bringing this unique experience, now with over 100 creators, to a new city!

By invitation only, attendees are a diverse group of artists and creators all making something truly unique on Patreon.

Our Mission

Patreon helps creators get ongoing, sustainable paychecks directly from their fans.

Thousands of creators from musicians to podcasters, video game developers, comic artists and illustrators, and more are engaging and nurturing their fan-base in an intimate, immediate, and interactive way.

Our goal is nothing short of changing the way in which creators are paid for their work, moving from ad-supported creations to payments directly from fans. Over 25,000 creators now make a salary as an artist on Patreon. Together, we have sent over $100 million dollars to creators, making it possible for them to continue populating the internet with beautiful things that millions of people enjoy.

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2017 Highlights

2017 Speakers

Maura Church
Jack Conte
Laura Chernikoff
Hank Green
Erin Boyle
James Higa
Philip DeFranco
Lisa Rowland
Comic Book Girl 19